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The Young IPA Podcast 179: Stage 4 Lockdown And Greg Sheridan

The Young IPA Podcast 179: Stage 4 Lockdown And Greg Sheridan

August 4, 2020

We talk about stage 4 lockdown in Victoria, Trump trying to get a finders fee for selling TikTok, how Pete reckons Vine was better anyway and the CCP controlling what the UNSW says about Hong Kong. (00:00 - 19:49)


Heroes and villains this week are Trader Joe’s, Majak Daw, Bible-burning Portland protesters and Bernie Fraser. (19:49 - 28:40)


We chat with Greg Sheridan, Foreign Affairs Editor at The Australian about the lack of scrutiny on Victoria’s lockdown arrangements, his view on the American election and what he thinks of Trump banning TikTok. (28:40 - 46:25)


At the end of the show James proposes a toast to COVIDsafe which finally identified its first cases and Pete says he feels really sorry for The Guardian who had an awkward moment recently. (1:02:49 - 1:09:38)

178: A Sad Week For Freedom Of Speech

178: A Sad Week For Freedom Of Speech

July 28, 2020

A huge blow for freedom of speech in Australia as the Federal Court finds against Peter Ridd – James and Pete break down why this is so important. In coronavirus news, the disease spreads to nursing homes in Melbourne and a BLM rally in Sydney is stopped by police. Josh Frydenberg says debt will grow to $850 billion by mid next year but he says he’s guided by Reagan and Thatcher, and the IPA and Australia have a win on the EPBC Act. (0:00-18:51)


Heroes and Villains this week includes Nicholas Sandmann settling out of court with the Washington Post, the Wall St Journal standing up to cancel culture, Netflix only spruiking social justice when it makes them money and the new podcast from The New York Times ‘Nice White Parents’. (18:51-31:31)


Gideon Rozner joins the show to talk about the Peter Ridd case, how the day of the Federal Court’s decision unfolded and the precedent it sets for freedom of speech and academic inquiry, as well as a look at the week’s news. (31:31-1:01:13)


Pete’s Not Fine brings a much-needed update on the man that drove 30km for butter chicken and the various Karens on social media. A radio host’s “chill dawg” at Trump ages terribly, a Sydney landmark may have tried to change their name from Captain Cook to Captain Paddington and Nancy Pelosi’s new nickname for Trump is a swing and a miss. (1:01:13-1:17:47)


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177: Parliament Won’t Sit & We Talk To Uighur Activist

177: Parliament Won’t Sit & We Talk To Uighur Activist

July 21, 2020

We apologise for James’ audio quality – he forgot to plug in his microphone. He will be punished.


The federal Parliament won’t sit because of COVID but expects everyone else to work from home. Masks become compulsory in Victoria, horrifying footage emerges from China about the treatment of Uighur muslims, Labor MPs are calling for less green tape to get people back to work and Tony Abbott joins the IPA’s most recent podcast. (0:00-28:02)


Heroes and Villains this week include Princess Anne sending Pete further into supporting the monarchy, Bari Weiss resigning from The New York Times, Kristina Keneally saying mainstream Australian ideas radicalised Brendan Tarrant and the Queenland government looks to ban plastic straws. (28:02-42:17)


This week we talk to Almas Nizamidin, a campaigner for the rights of Uighur muslims and whose wife is currently in a forced labour camp in China. We talk about his story, the plight of the Uighur people and what the international response should be. (42:17-50:40)


Pete’s not fine returns for the man driving 30km for butter chicken, the teenagers dressing up as old people to buy drinks and Lorna Jane fined for saying their activewear stops the virus. Kanye West’s first presidential rally went as expected as he wants everyone who has a baby to get a million dollars and the US Fish and Wildlife department’s attempt at wokeness backfires. (50:40-1:02:33)

176: An Australian Hong Kong with Senator James Paterson

176: An Australian Hong Kong with Senator James Paterson

July 14, 2020

Victoria is in lockdown again, Pete proclaims Dan Andrews his most hated politician, and NSW are saying they won’t lockdown…for now. James is a little sceptical of the cancel culture letter making waves over the last few days and there’s rumours Facebook won’t allow political advertising in the lead up to the US presidential election. (0:00-19:24)

Heroes and villains this week are a brave Hong Kong scientist risking her life for the truth, our IPA colleagues getting recognised as Friedman Conference award winners, people bagging Scomo for going to the footy and Formula 1. (19:24-25:25)

In our interview this week James asks Senator James Paterson for a new Hong Kong in Australia. We also also talk about the government’s decision to allow visiting Hong Kongers to stay in Australia, the cancelling of our extradition arrangements with Hong Kong, Chinese colonialism, TikTok and the role of the Andrews government in the increase in COVID-19 cases. (25:25-46:42)

The finish off, the return of lockdown means the return of Pete’s Not Fine, The Guardian have done it again with a piece claiming buildings are sexist, and we discuss a very suspicious piece of correspondence received by Adam Bandt that definitely happened. (46:42-56:44)

175: Chris Kenny & Dr Bella d’Abrera

175: Chris Kenny & Dr Bella d’Abrera

July 7, 2020

Australia’s economy is threatened as Victoria is cut off from the rest of the nation, Queensland is set to open (most of) its borders, and Dan Andrews brings in public housing tower lockdowns seen only in China. (0:00-13:05)

Heroes and Villains this week include Terry Crews, nations taking in Hong Kongers escaping the CCP, the protesters insulting police for not going to university and calling a black police officer “Judas”, and Senator Katy Gallagher. (13:05-23:38)

Chris Kenny joins the show to talk about his interview with the climate activist apologising for stoking alarmism Michael Shellenberger, what it has revealed about the ‘Love Media’ and how Kevin Rudd singled him out for criticism. (23:38-41:42)

Dr Bella d’Abrera joins the show to talk about her new podcast series Five Favourite Books which is now live for IPA members. (41:42-54:46)

At the end, we discuss Kanye West running for President, yet another edition of 'Stop Tearing Down The Statues Of People That Have Done More For Racial Equality Than You Ever Will' - this time one of history’s greatest abolitionists Frederick Douglass, the arts critics resigning for being white and Prince Harry decrying institutional racism. (54:46-1:05:29)

174: JobSeeker, Vaping & How Identity Politics Harms Minority Groups

174: JobSeeker, Vaping & How Identity Politics Harms Minority Groups

June 30, 2020

JobSeeker and JobKeeper are stopping people getting back to work, state border openings are threatened by Victoria’s growing coronavirus numbers, COVIDSafe is basically useless but at least there was a big win for liberty on vaping this week. (0:00-16:45)

Heroes and Villains this week includes Colorado reforming police immunity, the brave people standing up to mobs tearing down statues, California removing equality before the law from the state and Northumbria police selectively enforcing the law. (16:45-26:18)

Inaya Folarin Iman, Director of the Free Speech Union in the UK and Spiked columnist, joins the show to talk about the dangers of identity politics, why freedom of speech has been such a positive force for minority communities and how students can push back against the ideological capture of their universities. (26:18-53:24)

And the end of the show, Pete debuts his new segment 'Stop Tearing the Statues of People That Have Done More for Racial Equality Than You Ever Will', there are calls to change the American national anthem to ‘Imagine’ and the BBC calls England’s countryside racist. (53:24-1:02:08)

173: Victoria Shuts Down (again) & Tim Smith

173: Victoria Shuts Down (again) & Tim Smith

June 23, 2020

Daniel Andrews brings tougher restrictions into Victoria and James and Pete are fired up about it. Donald Trump’s fizzle of a rally might spell doom for his reelection and Australia is under cyber attack...sort of.  [0:00-16:50]

Heroes and villains this week includes JK Rowling’s publisher and Peter Hitchens standing up to the woke mobs, and the ahistorical efforts around the world to tear down statues of those who have done far more to advance the goals of the protesters than the protesters themselves. [16:50-23:36]

Tim Smith MP joins the show to talk about his reactions to Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and what he thinks should happen from here on out, and how he has used Twitter to push back against restrictions in ways other politicians haven’t been able to. [23:36-53:58]

At the end of the show we talk about Kevin Rudd continuing to demand the ABC be less right wing and an incredible defence of a statue of Lenin in Seattle. [53:58-1:01:00]

172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture

172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture

June 19, 2020

Nearly half a million Australians between the ages of 15 and 25 are not in full-time education and are not working – this is why we call for the easing of restrictions. We talk about the update from the ABS and also the latest victims of cancel culture – Colonial Brewing Co, Josh Thomas, The Guardian and the song Swing Low Sweet Chariot. (0:00-18:21)

Likes and Dislikes this week include the West Australian government’s new law stopping people going to jail for not paying a fine, Bob Katter dressing up like the Grim Reaper, Teen Vogue and Rick Wilson. (18:21-27:19)

Shadow Assistant Minister in Victoria Richard Riordan joins us on the show to talk about the Save Our Pubs campaign in Victoria, what he thinks of Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and breaks news to us about misspending from State Parliament on Victorian Roads. (27:19-47:32)

The Schlichts do battle again in the quiz this week as Pete seeks to go back-to-back (47:32-1:04:15), and at the end of the show we cover Dan Andrews throwing SA under the bus to distract from the scandals in Vic Labor, the Dems cringey photoshoot getting Well Actually’d, the Austrian man fined for farting and QANTAS, Virgin and other airlines no longer serving booze due to coronavirus. (1:04:15-1:12:45)

Ep 171: Exploring Woke Rebellions With Brendan O’Neill

Ep 171: Exploring Woke Rebellions With Brendan O’Neill

June 15, 2020

A new round of restriction easing is good, but Victoria continues to trail the rest of the country. The statues debate continues to rage around the world as a Greens staffer tags the James Cook statue in Hyde Park, a petition calls for the removal of a Ghandi statue, Google removes an image of Winston Churchill from search results and UK Labour and Conservative Parties agree on up to ten years jail for monument defacing (0:00-16:45).

Heroes and villains this week includes the IPA’s Cian Hussey, Dave Chappelle’s new special, the cop who threated to fine a restaurant for having 21 customers when only three fines were handed out at the BLM protests and LA Galaxy (16:45-26:48).

Brendan O’Neill joins us on the show to talk about his essay in The Australian, the push to bring down statues, the coup at the New York Times and why what we’re seeing now is product of hollow institutions continually giving in to the woke mob (26:48-1:00:43).

At the end of the show, we talk about CHAZ calling the Seattle fire department, Julia Baird’s about face on statues, the Argentinian church that turned itself into a bar to beat regulations and why Australians don’t trust celebrities (1:00:43-1:10:37).

Ep 170: Cancel Cancel Culture

Ep 170: Cancel Cancel Culture

June 12, 2020

The fallout from the weekend’s protests continues: One protester in Melbourne had coronavirus, there’s more this weekend even if hosting them will delay restriction easing and now a wedding company will flout restrictions now that the government won’t fine protesters. Cancel culture is back in a big way as Gone with the Wind, Cops, The Mighty Boosh are cancelled overseas and every statue in Australia is up for debate, and China tells its students we are too racist for them to study here (0:00-18:06).

Likes and Dislikes this week include Peter Hitchens, Will Callaghan’s Meal of Kings upon being rescued, the AFL players taking a knee and defunding the police goes exactly how James said it would on Tuesday’s show (18:06-26:26).

Gideon and Dara are on for this week’s quiz (26:26-39:58), and at the end we discuss the video to rival Gal Gadot’s Imagine, the CIA getting updogd, the car race that dubbed itself a protest, the Independent apparently believing in creationism and we count down the Top 5 people who, if cancel culture is fair, must be sweating bullets right now (39:58-54:57). 

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