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174: JobSeeker, Vaping & How Identity Politics Harms Minority Groups

174: JobSeeker, Vaping & How Identity Politics Harms Minority Groups

June 30, 2020

JobSeeker and JobKeeper are stopping people getting back to work, state border openings are threatened by Victoria’s growing coronavirus numbers, COVIDSafe is basically useless but at least there was a big win for liberty on vaping this week. (0:00-16:45)

Heroes and Villains this week includes Colorado reforming police immunity, the brave people standing up to mobs tearing down statues, California removing equality before the law from the state and Northumbria police selectively enforcing the law. (16:45-26:18)

Inaya Folarin Iman, Director of the Free Speech Union in the UK and Spiked columnist, joins the show to talk about the dangers of identity politics, why freedom of speech has been such a positive force for minority communities and how students can push back against the ideological capture of their universities. (26:18-53:24)

And the end of the show, Pete debuts his new segment 'Stop Tearing the Statues of People That Have Done More for Racial Equality Than You Ever Will', there are calls to change the American national anthem to ‘Imagine’ and the BBC calls England’s countryside racist. (53:24-1:02:08)

173: Victoria Shuts Down (again) & Tim Smith

173: Victoria Shuts Down (again) & Tim Smith

June 23, 2020

Daniel Andrews brings tougher restrictions into Victoria and James and Pete are fired up about it. Donald Trump’s fizzle of a rally might spell doom for his reelection and Australia is under cyber attack...sort of.  [0:00-16:50]

Heroes and villains this week includes JK Rowling’s publisher and Peter Hitchens standing up to the woke mobs, and the ahistorical efforts around the world to tear down statues of those who have done far more to advance the goals of the protesters than the protesters themselves. [16:50-23:36]

Tim Smith MP joins the show to talk about his reactions to Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and what he thinks should happen from here on out, and how he has used Twitter to push back against restrictions in ways other politicians haven’t been able to. [23:36-53:58]

At the end of the show we talk about Kevin Rudd continuing to demand the ABC be less right wing and an incredible defence of a statue of Lenin in Seattle. [53:58-1:01:00]

172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture

172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture

June 19, 2020

Nearly half a million Australians between the ages of 15 and 25 are not in full-time education and are not working – this is why we call for the easing of restrictions. We talk about the update from the ABS and also the latest victims of cancel culture – Colonial Brewing Co, Josh Thomas, The Guardian and the song Swing Low Sweet Chariot. (0:00-18:21)

Likes and Dislikes this week include the West Australian government’s new law stopping people going to jail for not paying a fine, Bob Katter dressing up like the Grim Reaper, Teen Vogue and Rick Wilson. (18:21-27:19)

Shadow Assistant Minister in Victoria Richard Riordan joins us on the show to talk about the Save Our Pubs campaign in Victoria, what he thinks of Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and breaks news to us about misspending from State Parliament on Victorian Roads. (27:19-47:32)

The Schlichts do battle again in the quiz this week as Pete seeks to go back-to-back (47:32-1:04:15), and at the end of the show we cover Dan Andrews throwing SA under the bus to distract from the scandals in Vic Labor, the Dems cringey photoshoot getting Well Actually’d, the Austrian man fined for farting and QANTAS, Virgin and other airlines no longer serving booze due to coronavirus. (1:04:15-1:12:45)

Ep 171: Exploring Woke Rebellions With Brendan O’Neill

Ep 171: Exploring Woke Rebellions With Brendan O’Neill

June 15, 2020

A new round of restriction easing is good, but Victoria continues to trail the rest of the country. The statues debate continues to rage around the world as a Greens staffer tags the James Cook statue in Hyde Park, a petition calls for the removal of a Ghandi statue, Google removes an image of Winston Churchill from search results and UK Labour and Conservative Parties agree on up to ten years jail for monument defacing (0:00-16:45).

Heroes and villains this week includes the IPA’s Cian Hussey, Dave Chappelle’s new special, the cop who threated to fine a restaurant for having 21 customers when only three fines were handed out at the BLM protests and LA Galaxy (16:45-26:48).

Brendan O’Neill joins us on the show to talk about his essay in The Australian, the push to bring down statues, the coup at the New York Times and why what we’re seeing now is product of hollow institutions continually giving in to the woke mob (26:48-1:00:43).

At the end of the show, we talk about CHAZ calling the Seattle fire department, Julia Baird’s about face on statues, the Argentinian church that turned itself into a bar to beat regulations and why Australians don’t trust celebrities (1:00:43-1:10:37).

Ep 170: Cancel Cancel Culture

Ep 170: Cancel Cancel Culture

June 12, 2020

The fallout from the weekend’s protests continues: One protester in Melbourne had coronavirus, there’s more this weekend even if hosting them will delay restriction easing and now a wedding company will flout restrictions now that the government won’t fine protesters. Cancel culture is back in a big way as Gone with the Wind, Cops, The Mighty Boosh are cancelled overseas and every statue in Australia is up for debate, and China tells its students we are too racist for them to study here (0:00-18:06).

Likes and Dislikes this week include Peter Hitchens, Will Callaghan’s Meal of Kings upon being rescued, the AFL players taking a knee and defunding the police goes exactly how James said it would on Tuesday’s show (18:06-26:26).

Gideon and Dara are on for this week’s quiz (26:26-39:58), and at the end we discuss the video to rival Gal Gadot’s Imagine, the CIA getting updogd, the car race that dubbed itself a protest, the Independent apparently believing in creationism and we count down the Top 5 people who, if cancel culture is fair, must be sweating bullets right now (39:58-54:57). 

Ep 169: Does Australia Have A Problem With Systemic Racism?

Ep 169: Does Australia Have A Problem With Systemic Racism?

June 9, 2020

BLM protests happened across Australia, and barely any fines were handed out. Coronavirus is over. We talk about the protests, the statues torn down in England and the move to defund the police, as well as your metadata under yet another attack. Heroes and villains this week include the great Ron Manners, Kevin Rudd somehow making sense on a topic, CNN blaming a police horse for getting punched and GoFundMe’s shutdown of Candace Owens (00:00 – 22:35). 

We talk to Warren Mundine AO about his reactions to the weekend’s protest, whether there is systemic racism in Australia and what reforms we should be pursuing in criminal justice and Indigenous affairs (22:36 – 59:28).

Andrew Bushnell, who heads the IPA’s research in criminal justice, joins the show to respond to the claims and demands of protest organisers over the weekend and what the realisation of their demands could mean (59:29 – 1:35:45).

At the end, Pete asks if we can just have a one-week break from identity politics after JK Rowling causes another stir, and a Californian City Council says you can't gather in groups bigger than 10...unless you’re protesting (1:35:46 – 1:41:13).

Ep. 168 - Coronavirus is over

Ep. 168 - Coronavirus is over

June 5, 2020

The protests are coming to Australia, but police aren’t handing out fines in Victoria. Therefore, social distancing regulations are dead – so let’s celebrate. We also talk the HomeBuilder scheme and pork-barrelling, as well as Nine and Newscorp losing their appeal to not be held legally responsible for what’s posted on their Facebook pages. Likes and dislikes this week include the Hong Kong protesters, the man who told Scott Morrison to get off his lawn, police unions in the US and the Sydney council spending up to $1.7 million on a coronavirus statue. Satyajeet Marar from Reason joins us from Washington DC to talk about what he’s been seeing at the protests, the extent of the rioting and reforms America can make to improve the policing. At the end of the show, we discuss the Washington Post op-ed calling for an end of cop shows, Pete’s Not Fine Worldwide for the monkeys stealing (and eating) coronavirus samples in India, Ashton Kutcher and Emma Watson missing the mark on Blackout Tuesday and answer questions from the crowd.

Ep. 167 - America is Burning

Ep. 167 - America is Burning

June 2, 2020

America is on fire – James and Pete recap an extremely tough weekend of news. June 1st brings a fresh wave of easing of restrictions across the country and we run through the main changes. Heroes and Villains this week include Elon Musk’s space launch going ahead, any video from America that doesn’t make us sad, the Global Times running three articles in three days slamming The Wolverines and robodebt (0:00-25:09).

Gideon Rozner joins the show to chat the runaway success of The Heretic, drawing the ire of Friendlyjordies and mourns the loss of COAG (25:09-50:15).

Dr Bella d’Abrera then joins the show to talk the IPA’s new podcast Better Read than Dead and Drew Pavlou’s suspension from the University of Queensland (50:15-1:05:15).

At the end we give Pete Buttigieg the Q&A clap for his incomprehensible tweet about George Floyd, debut the new segment Reports Say and ask the ABC’s Juanita Phillips to read the room as she bemoans the return of pub drinking.

The Young IPA Podcast Episode 166: Trump Takes On Twitter

The Young IPA Podcast Episode 166: Trump Takes On Twitter

May 29, 2020

We finally get to lead off a show with something other than coronavirus – Donald Trump signs an executive order with huge implications for social media. So should tech giants be regulated like publishers and not platforms? We also discuss Hong Kong no longer seen by the US as independent of China and recap the latest with Peter Ridd. Likes and dislikes this week include the return of live sport to Australia, the vibe across the country as restrictions continue to ease, public sector pay freezes being abandoned and how quick Victorians were to dob in their neighbours for breaking social distancing (0:00-26:34).

Adam and Mia Schlicht join the quiz and bring the sibling rivalry (26:34-40:02).

Before James and Pete discuss Japan asking theme park attendees not to scream to stop coronavirus and North Korea finally admitting Kim Il Sung could not teleport (40:02-48:29).

This week’s draft has James, Pete, Adam and Mia draft the greatest siblings in history (48:29-1:06:05).

Ep 165: JobKeeper, China and Protecting Gideon Rozner

Ep 165: JobKeeper, China and Protecting Gideon Rozner

May 26, 2020

Huge show today! We talk about the JobKeeper numbers stuff up, why it's actually better news than you think and what it reveals about the people overseeing our economic response to coronavirus, and Pete continues to show why it's morally good to want an end to the lockdown. Heroes and villains this week include the Hong Kong protestors standing up against China, Dominic Perrotet being the cause of NSW's easing of restrictions, Joe Biden thinking voting against him means you can't be black and yes, we discuss that Clementine Ford tweet. (0:00-20:20)

We get in depth with Foreign Editor of The Australian Greg Sheridan who explains what the Belt and Road initiatives are, why its so dangerous for Victoria to be pursuing one and how we should deal with China (20:20-45:53).

We also talk to the inspirational Matt Lanigan, owner of The Lucky Penny café which somehow became the frontline of the online culture war after Tim Smith made a video with him talking about Victoria's restrictions (45:53-1:06:16).

At the end of the show, we implore people to stop signing Gideon Rozner up to things, and how you can tell if you're about to do it.