The Young IPA Podcast

181: State Govs Drunk On Power

August 18, 2020

Johannes Leak’s cartoon sparks outrage but Biden’s original comments go unremarked. Three out of four applications to leave Australia are rejected, the Queensland government tried to make it illegal to report on corruption allegations, WA gets rid of the rule of law because it doesn’t like Clive Palmer and New Zealand delays an election. (0:00-19:16)

Heroes and villains this week include Nick Cave and Rowan Atkinson standing up to cancel culture, a move in the UK to bring back segregated schools (but don’t worry it’s woke) and the council looking to ban barbeques in Melbourne. (19:16-27:51)

We talk to Oliver Hartwich from the New Zealand Initiative about the new coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand, Auckland moving back to a lockdown and Jacinda Ardern’s call to delay the election (27:51-42:19), and IPA Research Fellow Dara Macdonald explains why the WA government’s anti-Clive Palmer legislation blows up the rule of law. (42:19-55:05)

At the end, we break down Bill Shorten saying simp on national television, the Washington Post’s ridiculous obituary for Robert Trump and we figure out how to get our hands on some sweet diversity coin after White Fragility Author Robin DiAngelo charges a university $20,000 to tell them they’re racist.

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